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Supernatural finale reaction.

Woah spoilers.

Best finale of SPN ever, IMO. What a cliffhanger, Jesus. I can't even. *flails* Cas. CAS! He just owned EVERYONE. I'ma "bow down" and profess my love right here. Now- now that he's God, does that mean he will be able to find the old God (Chuck) and have it out with him for not like, turning up when he needed him? To be honest, I don't care what Cas does (okay, within reason XD) as long as he doesn't "fall". Which isn't like, possible now anyway, I shouldn't imagine. Because, as he said- he's not an angel anymore, he's God. HE'S GOD! I CANNOT GET OVER THIS. Lol, my Ma is so not impressed by my squealing, but it could not be contained.

All the people who have not been impressed seem to be those who haven't been watching it from Season One, and I have no time for them. Dude, don't whine- Season Seven will probably improve what it is you're not happy about, and until then, why don't you catch up on what you've missed out on, coz until you've seen it all, your opinions aren't really worth much...

Oh oh oh, I'm in love with Judas, Judas!

I simply had to share this. Everyone's going on about Gaga blaspheming in her latest song (which I wasn't sure I was going to like, since I wasn't impressed by Born This Way, but I was pleasantly surprised by Judas), and this is the most well-reasoned argument I have had the pleasure of stumbling across. (Apologies for the bad grammar, but the site policy of the forum I c+p'd it from make it clear you are not allowed to edit it in any way, otherwise I would have added capital letters and whatnot.)


Now, ask any christian what is the worst thing you can do (besides blaspheme the holy spirit..whatever that is) and they will say to know and deny christ

(Stealth Add: Matthew 16:23
Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men."

Judas never denied...Peter did.
Peter was the betrayer

however, all of this matters not, because all are forgiven, from judas (he arguably didn't need forgivness) to peter, to the romans, etc

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do"

Yep, all are happy in heaven, us earthlings contemplating on who is evil of the group, who is in hell, etc...well, that is simply going against jesus's salvation

it is denying christ again, but on a wide scale

Who are you (not you, general statement) to overrule christs salvation? Are you a god?

(ghostbusters just came to mind).

Anyhow, anyone whom suggests judas is somehow evil, or a betrayer, clearly knows more than christ and higher on the holy scale considering they refute christs words.

I often wonder if the wolves get warm wearing all that wool.

You want to see the true demons of society...look at the so called christians posing as christs superior and laying judgement on mankind

Now, do I believe peter was an actual betrayer, or satan? no. but the point is, all things you are taught may not be as they seem. a case can be made that judas is a betrayer, however, there is much stronger evidence, on how its written and the whole context, that peter may be the one pitching for the wrong team.

But to label any of the group, or anyone for that matter, as going against the salvation of christ to begin with...

(btw, agnostic atheist, however I love a good theological discussion.)
End Quote.

written by SaturnFX; a member of, in the thread: "Lady Gaga's new song "Judas" is about her love for Judas. Yes, the Judas who betrayed Jesus", which you can find here:

.... *claps* what a beautifully arranged argument. Erugh, self righteous people - the ones going on about how Lady Gaga (or anyone else, for that matter) is going to burn in Hell. Just, stfu, you silly, silly fish. I'm not a Christian, but I want to a Church of England primary school, and I loved it. I loved the theology and the doctrine- good Samaritans and loving thy neighbour etc, but I could never accept the idea of an omnipotent, omni-benevolent and omniscient creator- but I don't want to get into that. 
All I want to say is, then I went to secondary school and my love and respect for Christianity took a sharp dip. There were these horrible, self-righteous people who claimed other people were going to Hell purely because they weren't the same denomination as them- and by this time I was more interested in global affairs and learned about the conflicts religion causes and all the in-fighting and I thought, what is wrong with these people? What happened to their love for their fellow mankind? Why does it matter what religion you are, as long as you are a good, kind person? You shouldn't call yourself a Christian if you don't act like one.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: the one thing that gets my goat most is when a tv show doesn't stick to it's own rules. This is known as "jumping the shark"; when characters behave in a fashion that belies the character development they have already gone through. It's why I had to stop watching Glee- the characters never learnt from their mistakes and the storylines just repeated themselves in a slightly different format. It's why organised religion frustrates me. Many religious people say one thing; but do another. Or to give it a more technical name; they fail to "practice what they preach". I don't mean to diss any religion- I'm just calling it as I see it- as it was shown to me. You wanna see a person with real goodness in their heart? You have a chat with any one of my wonderful primary school teachers. They taught me to respect every human equally- I grew up knowing that no matter your religion, race, colour, gender, sexuality, beliefs or interests, if you lived your life well, and didn't bring harm to others, you were equally worthy in the eyes of whatever gods exist, and your fellow mankind. Who are we to judge others? We are all born equal and free.

If you've not seen Gaga's new vid, it's here. The song only impacted on me properly once I'd seen it, and where I was meh before, I love it now. 

SPN just gets better and better. (includes major spoilers)

This episode was fantastic. Cas' motivations were easy to understand, and I can see why Dean, Sam and Bobby were so shocked- you have to remember they don't know what we know, but it was a little hypocritical of them to be so mad at him for working with Crowley when they have all made dubious decisions for reasons they believed were correct. Or just because they wanted to. But I can understand their fear and doubts, because Cas lied to them for so long, they don't know the full story regarding Raphael, and they don't know that he's been watching out for them this whole time. I feel so bad for Cas though, because they at least have each other- he has no one but them, and for the time being they have turned their backs on him. Poor guy must be terrified... but Dean (and Sam and Bobby) will forgive him, because as Dean pointed out- he's family. But the love between these two-- it's damaged by these events, I grant you that, but the way Dean was on his side till the very last, and the devastation that passed between them, when Dean left and when Cas turned up again... The pain is so raw and out there for anyone to see, and if they don't address the tension-of-a-sexual-and-romantic-nature between these two blockheads before the series finishes for good (there's season 7 to get through before then, possibly even a season 8), it won't be an injustice, it will be a TRAVESTY. 

When it comes to SPN, it sucks living in the UK. You gotta wait till the next day to watch all the eps, and by then, everyone has finalised their ideas, written them down and moved on to writing fic about it, lol. There have been some interesting points raised in the discussion about this ep- I for one am in the "everyone has done bad things in this show and deserves to be forgiven" camp, because seriously, it's the LACK OF COMMUNICATION which so frustrates me. They never allow each other to talk- and you'd think by now, they would have learnt that keeping secrets was the worst idea when making plans for saving the future. (Though Cas can be forgiven for that, since he's still getting to grips with free will and all.)

When it comes down to it, I don't really think there's any possibility that Cas will not save the Winchesters&Bobby, or that they (and more importantly, Dean) will not forgive him. But as for him falling? I find this highly unlikely. Because, if what he was doing here was so wrong, surely his grace would have been fighting against it, his powers diminishing, etc etc? From what I can see, he's still as powerful and badass as ever. Therefore, why would he fall other than by tearing out his grace?

There are two reasons why I don't think the writers would go there- one, part of the reason why the popularity ratings are so high when it comes to Dean/Cas is the otherworldly-ness of it. Cas is interesting BECAUSE he is an angel. Remember that Anna was supposed to have a role similar to Cas', but was dropped because people liked Cas more? We like him because of his perspective on the hunter's way of life, and human existence in general, his social awkwardness and everything else that stems from being an ANGEL. An ex-angel with doubts about God's intentions isn't half as interesting as an angel with blinding faith who doubts in the methodology used to implement that will- that's interesting. His relationship with Dean, while he is still an angel, is interesting. All of this, minus his heavenly powers? Not so much.

The other reason is simple. If Cas tears out his grace/falls, he will be reborn as a baby. There is no reason to think he will be allowed to magically retain the Vessel granted to him by God if he falls, because the very nature of falling itself is rebellion from Heaven, desertion of duty and a gross ingratitude to the fortune God has bestowed upon him by resurrecting him not once, but twice, in his angelic form. There's no way he would be gifted with Jimmy's form for that. And it doesn't bode well for the Dean/Cas moments if Cas is a baby, does it? And since Misha has been signed on for Season 7 we know he's going to be around.

I could be wrong of course, and I have stuck with SPN this long so will probably continue to watch regardless of what happens, but Cas becoming human would be one of the few outcomes where I would consider stopping, because for the reasons above, I think it so unlikely and it doesn't fit with the verisimilitude of the show if he is allowed to wander around in human form with Jimmy's body. And if there's one thing I hate when a show goes bad, it's unexplained OOC-ness and the breaking of its own rules. And I just find the idea of Dean/Cas a lot less captivating if Cas was just another human. He's a fantastic, tragic, flawed and elegant angel. Why would we want a clumsy human!Cas is the place of such a wonderful character?

I cannot wait for the finale. It looks incredible. And another thing; Bed Edlund is a genius. Having Castiel narrate this episode made it so much more satisfying than just the flashbacks would have done, because being in Cas' headspace, even for just a little while, was amazing.

It's not just the angst, uncertainty and fear which made it so, either- Cas' uninentionally funny observations eg;
- "Explaining freedom to angels is a bit like teaching poetry to fish",
- "An older brother said; 'Don't step on that fish Castiel- big plans for that fish.' "
and; - "I remember the the Tower of Babel - all 37 feet of it, which I suppose was impressive at the time. And when it fell they howled, "Divine Wrath!" But come on, dried dung can only be stacked so high." 
...were nothing short of comedy gold. It's the deadpan way that he says it...
 But then: "Freedom is a length of rope. God wants you to hang yourself with it." Oh, Cas.

SPN is unexpectedly awesome again.

Wow. WOW. Just finished watching this week's ep (have to watch it online because it's not out in the UK for zonks yet) and my mind is blown.

Spoilers ahead:

This epsiode made up for every bad moment in S6 so far, it was that freaking awesome. Dean/Cas moments were littered all over the shop, the super!monster (called "Starships" due to Dean!logic) idea was clever and there were even cute kids to remind you of Sam and Dean's cute squishy brother-bond. But here is where it gets extra-awesome: Eve. She was like, almost Death levels of cool. (But not quite. Death is the coolest non-human in SPN, hands down. The way he just smacks down any and all whiney Winchester behaviour, and does what the fuck he wants, when he wants to ((usually after he's eaten his pizza/hot dog)) and lectures Dean without being snotty and righteous about it, is incredible. No one else comes close, but Eve was pretty neat in her own unique way.)

What I liked about Eve was that she was fair- she approved of the "natural" order, just like Death (and Fate, who I also quite liked, shame she was ganked) and she was only doing what she had to to help her babies- in quite a normal fashion. There was still the clear other creature mentality about her, but it wasn't OTT. I liked that she wasn't really concerned with the Winchesters- all she wanted was to stop her children being tortured, and it was actually pretty endearing. It was refreshing that she wanted their help rather than just to off them.

The ep was also one long prolonged Dean/Cas domestic. The beginning moment- when Dean griped that they shouldn't call Cas because he was busy fighting (thank goodness he's acknowledging that, it's annoying that they all assume Cas is their personal guardian at their beck and call- he's a heavenly soldier, in the middle of a civil war! He can't keep leaving the front line for to look for interesting and dangerous artefacts for you to mess about with! Gah!), it was humourous because of Dean's language choices, but what was really quite brilliant was the underlying statement- Sam and Bobby have accepted that Cas feels more for Dean than he does for them. I'm not quite sure they've fully grasped the level of Cas' affection, but Dean certainly has - and is wilfully trying to pretend he hasn't, hence the tension between them for the rest of the episode, and Dean being unnecessarily churlish. 
I don't think Dean wants Sam and Bobby to realise that Cas is actually in love with him, because they might then take it upon themselves to push them together, and Dean, being in denial of his own feelings, doesn't want to have to face them. Or something along those lines anyway, haha. I have a sneaking suspicion that the writers may be leading to some seemingly one-sided revelation of Cas' love for Dean- they may even spin it as platonic-angelic love ie "Dean, you must realise that everything I do, I do for you, so that your world is safe/your family is happy/you will survive even if I don't, and not all the things I have to do are pleasant, but the end justifies the means because I love you" etc etc.
Which leads me nicely to the big twist. CAS AND CROWLEY MORALLY DUBIOUS TAG TEAM FTW. Words cannot express how glad I am that Crowley is alive. He is, hands motherfucking down, my favourite SPN demon of all time. He is hilarious, and snarky, and snobby and clever and KISSED BOBBY WITH TONGUE and guh! Just, yay. Cas faking Crowley's death? That's some seriously messed up shit, Cas, but also, HOW AWESOME? Angels (at least suped-up angels like Cas after God brought him back- the second time) can make it look like demons are burning into little fragments? That's very, very awesome. And they've been working together, all this time? THAT'S what the soul thing is about? Cas is in on the alpha monster torture? MY BRAIN CANNOT HANDLE THESE LEVELS OF AWESOME. *flails* Sneaky!Cas FTW! I don't really think there's any chance of him turning evil/falling from grace/getting killed by the boys, because his epic love for Dean motivates him, and Dean's epic love for him (and Sam, and then Bobby) is what holds the entire show together. Everybody does messed up stuff in SPN sometimes "for the greater good", and they're still live and kicking, so it would be really, really unfair if Cas didn't get the same chance to redeem himself. So long as Crowley doesn't die for real. I love me some Crowley.
And, if it's even possible, next week looks like it could be even better, with Dean (and Sam and Bobby in the background) confronting Cas about not killing the demon we all love, and being all sneaky behind their backs. Heh. I literally cannot wait. I think there's gonna be Dean/Cas moments galore, since in the promo Dean is all "look into my eyes and tell me you didn't betray me like this"!! So bloody excited.  
Albus Gellert

Harry Potter

Off to see the first half of the final film soon (dressed in my special Harry Potter t-shirt, of course). It's weird, even though the books are over now, it doesn't feel as though it's really over until the films are done too, (even though they're terrible in comparison). Or maybe it'll just never be over.

I mean, I've been obsessed since I was six years old, I don't expect it all to just switch off like flicking off the light, but a part of me feels like maybe it's time to let it go. Like, I'm stuck in the past a little bit, because that glee I got from reading the books first time around is associated with childish behaviour, because I still react in the same fashion to Harry Potter discussions in pretty much the same way as I did back then (but with a larger vocabulary now, of course). A larger part of me laughs at this small part and encourages it to jump off a cliff and die, because we're never letting Harry go.

I don't actually want to let him go, though. I mean, for one thing, thirteen years is a long time. Maybe I just need to learn to have a more mature relationship with Harry? Who really knows? I'm still obsessed with it, I'm just a little less happy about that obsession these days. I'm still a proud HP fan, but ngl, my less happy to be obsessed state probably stems from the terrible ending of DH. Yup, I'm an EWE person. I had to restrain myself from tearing those pages out of my copy tbh. Although, I loved Albus Severus. In my head canon, he's Ron and Harry's mpreg child, is all.

But our love is a true love- I could never really let him go. There isn't much of me that doesn't stem back from being a Harry Potter fan. My mum said; "you talk about it as though it's what defines you as a person". And I think she might be right. I'm pretty sure that if you took Harry out of the equation, there wouldn't be much of me left. Every other interest of mine is a kind of shallow veneer that attempts to cover what's underneath. I think, for the first time in my life, I'm actually beginning to see that objectively, Harry may no longer be what's best for me.

My Current Fandoms (TV Dramas) ~ Beware of spoilers!

People keep asking me what TV shows I'm watching atm, since I'm watching many more than usual. I watch a lot of dramas, but usually they're not all on TV at the same time! I keep forgetting to mention at least three whenever I talk fandom, simply because I'm watching so many. So I thought I'd make a definitive list with a few thoughts on the current series (US: season) of that show. For some TV shows, I am behind, so please, no spoilers in comments.

Current shows I'm watching, in alphabetical order:

CSI: Miami  |  Damages  |  Dexter  |  Fringe  |  Garrow's Law  |  Glee  |  Haven  |  Merlin  |  Nikita  |  Spooks  |  Supernatural  | The Event

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